Let Out Your Home

The rental market, always popular with students and young professionals, is fast becoming a very popular choice for a wide range of people and age-groups.

As it becomes increasingly difficult for younger people to get their first steps on the property ladder, and repossessions are on the increase due to negative equity and outstanding mortgages outstripping property values, the rental market is growing exponentially. Many of our clients are actively choosing to rent after the sale of their homes — they might not have found the perfect property to buy as yet, or sometimes they choose to rent after the property they were purchasing falls through to give them time to find the right property for their needs at the right price.


All of these people are looking for somewhere great to live — and that is where House Locators steps in. We have professional, friendly staff who have a good insight and in-depth knowledge of the local and national rental market. Whether you are looking for a new home for your family, some student accommodation, or you are a landlord with a property sitting empty — we can help. We have helped many of our clients make the right choice.

How We Can Help:

Tenant Finding

from £275

Renting is a positive lifestyle choice for many of the UK’s population.

We can help you find those all important tenants for your empty property – including completing credit and background checks as needed.

And, if you are a new landlord, we can even help out with a little advice on what you need to do to keep your new tenants happy!

Contact us today on 0121-746-3136.

Property Management


Our landlords Property Management Service is very competitively priced, freeing you from the demands of dealing with tenants day-to-day.

Call us now on 0121-746-3136.

Tenant Eviction



House Locators Uk work with a specialist company which helps you to navigate the legal process in order to evict tenants. Their specific aim is to get your property back as quickly as possible, while adhering to the law.

Don’t forget, every day your tenant is failing to pay you your rent, it is you who is losing money.

The tenant eviction service is tailor made to each individual landlord, and letting agents, throughout the UK. Specialist resources enable them to serve notice(s) throughout England and Wales – we are able to provide full representation in all 217 county courts nationwide.

To find out more about how our specialist team can assist you with evicting tenants, call us now on 0121-746-3136.

Energy Performance Certificates



Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are documents that show the energy efficiency of a building or home and detail how to make it more energy efficient. All homes (or commercial premises) that are built, bought, sold, or rented need an EPC.

EPC’s can be obtained through ourselves at quick notice — we currently charge £69 for a full survey and complete certificate. There is no need to sign up to one of our home sales packages — we sell Energy Performance Certificates as a standalone package.

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Investment Advice


With the current low interest rates leading to low returns on savings, more and more people with cash reserves are looking to invest in property to rent out to gain income — a lot of whom are first-time or inexperienced landlords. There is certainly an increasingly large rental market at present. So, if you are a serious cash investor, then let us know — we can keep an eye out for properties which might suit as well as offering helpful advice.

Also of Interest:

Become an "Investment Angel"

Are you a serious property investor?

If you have substantial cash reserves and are looking for property to invest in, then you can apply to become one of our investment angels.

Serious, sensible buyers only please. For more info, then please get in contact on 0121-746-3136.