About Us


We're a different kind of estate agent.

Founded in 2012, we are a leading UK online estate agent with a difference in nearly 20 year's experience working in the Midlands, particularly in the Birmingham and Solihull area.

Over the past few years our success has grown in strength to strength and with offices now in Manchester and London. It has a radically distinct approach to delivering its services we aim to be modern in use of technology to maximise exposure for on market properties and savvy with off market deals.

Having evolved organically through working with major players within the market place. Our teams across the UK are dedicated to excellence in both service and sale. They constantly innovate to ensure every client can maximise the opportunities via our unique and distinct service offers. The services from HLA UK are bespoke and provide specific solutions for each distinct group of property professionals from residential or commercial buyers, savvy investors, portfolio building landlords, housing associations, development firms, private equity funders, hedge fund corporates, to banks and receivers. We have proved ourself in the investment market place and have a new head of Acquisitions at in our new department for House Locators Acquisitions.

We believe that selling or letting your home shouldn't cost the earth and understand that although moving house is commonly perceived as an intensely stressful experience – it shouldn't be.

With 20 years of experience in selling property and conveyancing, we are experts in property solutions and its legal process – quite simply, we’re the online estate agents with a massive difference.

Meet the Team

Jacques Cain
Jacques Cain

Birmingham Office Sales Manager

UK based Jacques has previously enjoyed his life in the North of England before living on the Island of Guernsey then re-located to the Birmingham area, Jacques has been with House Locators UK since 2014 and quickly reached the position of Office Sales Manager with his dedication and passion in this industry. He now heads up the on market section of House Locators and over see’s staff training along with staff sales figures for both sales and lettings dept. In his personal life he is also a musician and enjoys playing his guitar.

Tanjir Sugar, CeMAP, CeRER, LLB (Hons)

Mortgage, Protection, Equity Release and Commercial Loans Specialist for HLUK and HLAUK

Tanjir is London Based and has been helping House Locators clients since they first began , Tanjir has access to the whole of market for mortgages and being a FCA regulated adviser, client needs are at the core of our heart. We will ensure that the customer is given the best mortgage product and have appropriate arrangement to protect the mortgage. We also provide bridging and development funding .

Piotr Nowak

London Investments Manager

Piotr joined the company in 2014, and has proved himself succesful in working with major investment players within the london area. He currently works within the HLA UK department for the company.

Konrad Chapman

Head Administrator

Konrad has joined HL UK recently and currently is in at our Birmingham office as Head Administrator.

Nicola Williams
Nicola Williams

Part Time Legal Assistant

Nicola previously worked at the Birmingham central office as administrator and now is part time legal assistant for the legal services department when required.

Cheryl Robinson
Cheryl Robinson

Part Time Sales and Lettings Negotiator

Cheryl has recently joined HL UK as part time sales and Lettings negotiator.

Anita Cook
Anita Cook


Anita has her own accountancy firm working in the Birmingham area and has looked after SS Legal and Property company Accounts since company has been established.

S Paul

Shareholder, Head of Legal Services

S Paul has 40 years experience of working in the legal field and has worked with some of the cities biggest law firms to Local multi ethnic firms, currently Director of SS legal and Property Ltd and head of Conveyancing for HL UK.

Sandeep Singh


Sandeep’s background is mainly within the automotive industry specifically the Audi Group, currently working as management for Audi. When needed he also head’s up HL UK’s national sales training and is a shareholder of SS Legal and Property Ltd.

Sonny Singh

Company CEO

Founder of House Locators UK and Managing Director of SS Legal and Property Ltd

Born in 1977 Sonny has ventured into the Real Estate Business since 1998. Founder of House Locators Uk in May 2012 and appointed Managing Director of SS Legal and Property Ltd in August 2012 he has over 15 years wealth of experience in real estate and has strong global connections in this industry. An expert in numerous sales and management methods he influences the internal and external dynamics of the organization, synergizing them with success and continuosly using emerging practices and business models for rapid growth and sustainment of its own kind.

Sonny has worked tirelessly to put House Locators Uk on the Map as one of the Uk's leading online estate agents, working within the House Locators Acquisitions Department working with banks, receivers and asset management companies in getting the best sought after and off market deals to savvy property investors or armchair investors.

His companies goals are not just to create profit but to Restore the growth of the UK's housing market for economic growth. Born with a strong charisma and hunger to excel and an expert in numerous sales and management methods. Sonny is a Humanitarian and a man of a charitable nature who always looks to give back to communities and any charitable organisations whenever he can.